Province Lusitania
City Emerita 
Region Hispania
Reign Augustus
Obverse inscription PERMIS(S)V CAESARIS AVGVST(I)
Obverse design facing head of Silenus; in front, amphora pouring
Reverse inscription AVGVS(S)TA EMERITA
Reverse design priest ploughing, left

Coin no. 13 of RPC I, 11


Museum British Museum, London (UK)
Inventory no. 2119
Diameter 26
Weight 14.68
Note metal analysis: Cu 91.50; Sn 8.53; Ag 0.050; Fe 0.100; Sb 0.070; Ni 0.105; Au 0.040; As 0.013; Bi 0.004; Zn 0.004