Province Syria
City Antioch 
Region Syria
Reign Augustus
Obverse inscription ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΥ ΥΠ ΙΒ
Obverse design bare head of Augustus, right
Reverse inscription ΚΑΙΣΑΡΟΣ ΘΕΟΥ ΥΙΟΥ, ΦΕ (in exergue)
Reverse design Zeus seated, left, with Nike and sceptre, to left, monograms ΠΑΓΡ and ΠΑ

Coin no. 15 of RPC I, 4150


Reference Gorny & Mosch EA 267, 17 Oct. 2019, lot 3440
Diameter 31.4
Weight 14.12
External URI|3187|3440|cf3a1cde5f2502699b72c0091f51f4f1 
Addition Additional coin (post publication)