Province Gallia Narbonensis
City Nemausus 
Region Gaul
Reign Augustus
Obverse inscription IMP DIVI F
Obverse design inscription above and below heads of Agrippa to l. and Augustus to r. back to back; Agrippa wears a rostral crown combined with a laurel wreath; Augustus is bare-headed
Reverse inscription COL NEM
Reverse design inscription to l. and r. of a palm to which a crocodile is chained; above palm, wreath with long ties

Coin no. 33 of RPC I, 522


Reference Naville Numismatics 59, 26 July 2020, lot 537
Diameter 31.1
Weight 16.59
External URI of the coin|3809|537|5c1da3a0a25145e17e53a72a6618b956 
Addition Additional coin (post publication)