Province Judaea
City Caesarea Maritima 
Region Samaria
Reign Vespasian
Obverse inscription IMP T CAESAR VESPASIANVS
Obverse design laureate head of Titus, r., with aegis
Reverse inscription [VIRTVS] AVGVST
Reverse design Virtus standing, r., l. foot on captive, holding vertical spear and parazonium

Coin no. 1 of RPC II, 1913


Reference Antiqua Ancient Art and Numismatics VIII, 2000, lot 15 = NAC and Spink Taisei, Steinberg coll. 16 Nov. 1994, lot 305 = Sotheby, Hunt coll. 21 June 1990, lot 704 = Trivulzio = UBS 50, 30 Jan. 2001, lot 1
Diameter 20
Weight 7.43
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Correction Corrected coin (post publication)