Province Galatia-Pontus
City Ancyra 
Region Galatia
Reign Valerian and Gallienus
Obverse inscription ΠΟΥΒ ΛΙΚ ΓΑ[ΛΛΙ]ΗΝΟϹ ΑΥ
Obverse design radiate, draped and cuirassed bust of Gallienus, right, seen from rear
Reverse inscription ΜΗΤ (Β Ν) / ΑΝΚΥ(Ρ)
Reverse design three prize crowns from each of which two palm branches emerge


Reference Leu EA 10, 7 Dec. 2019, lot 873 = Leu EA 9, 7 Sept. 2019, lot 843 (Valerian, imitation)
Diameter 22
Weight 6.71
Axis 7
Note N retrograde
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