Province Cilicia
City Anazarbus 
Region Cilicia
Reign Trajan
Obverse inscription ΚΑΙϹΑΡ ΠΡ ΑΝΑΖΑΡ
Obverse design veiled and draped bust of Demeter, right; in front, two ears of corn and a poppy-head
Reverse inscription ΕΤ ΒΛΡ
Reverse design veiled bust of Demeter wearing polos, right; in front, lighted torch

Coin no. 16 of RPC III, 3373


Reference Naumann 63, 4 Mar. 2018, lot 136
Diameter 18
Weight 4.15
External URI|2414|136|dfda8806b239c918da559ee21d498ae4 
Addition Additional coin (post publication)