Province Cilicia
City Pompeiopolis 
Region Cilicia
Reign Domitian
Obverse inscription
Obverse design head of Pompey, r; in front, star of six rays
Reverse inscription ΠΟΜΠΗΙΟΠΟΛΕΙΤWΝ ΒΝΡ ΠΡ ΜΕ, ΔΙΟ/ΑϹ/Κ(?)Α (in l. field)
Reverse design Athena standing, l., holding Nike in r. hand, l. hand resting on shield

Coin no. 6 of RPC II, 1726


Reference Naumann 70, 7 Oct. 2018, lot 295
Diameter 23.2
Weight 10.41
External URI|2818|295|c0fe8764a5b6742eeb2e25dab5a7a3b1 
Addition Additional coin (post publication)