Province Syria
City Antioch ad Hippum 
Region Syria
Reign Nero
Obverse inscription ΝΕΡΩΝ ΚΛΑΥΔΙΟΣ ΚΑΙΣΑΡ
Obverse design laureate head of Nero, r.
Reverse inscription ΑΝΤΙΟΧΕ(ΩΝ) ΤΩΝ ΠΡΟΣ ΤΩ ΙΠΠΩ, ΑΛΡ (to l.)
Reverse design horse standing, l., with Tyche, standing, holding its bridle and cornucopia

Coin no. 7 of RPC I, 4807


Reference Heritage Mar. 2012 Signature Sale 3003, 8 Mar. 2012, lot 20640
Diameter 24
Weight 13.61
Axis 1
External URI|836|20640|c36e255ab31b237996066ee58514830c 
Addition Additional coin (post publication)