Province Judaea
City Caesarea Paneas 
Region Syria
Reign Vespasian
Obverse inscription ΑΥΤΟΚΡ ΟΥΕϹΠ ΚΑΙϹΑΡ ϹΕΒ
Obverse design laureate head of Vespasian, r.
Reverse inscription ΕΤ ΙΔ - ΒΑϹ(ΙΛ) / ΑΓΡΙ-ΠΟΥ
Reverse design Tyche standing, l., holding cornucopia and two corn-ears

Coin no. 7 of RPC II, 2244


Reference Naville Numismatics 40, 27 May 2018, lot 251
Diameter 25.4
Weight 14.94
External URI|2802|251|a89911af2b806d39d23e2082ebaaddfb 
Addition Additional coin (post publication)