Province Phrygia-Caria
Subprovince Conventus of Synnada
City Synnada 
Region Phrygia
Reign Gallienus (sole reign)
Obverse inscription ΑΥΤ ΚΑΙ Π ΛΙΚ ΓΑΛΛΗΝΟϹ / Ϲ-ΕΒ
Obverse design laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Gallienus, right, seen from rear
Reverse inscription ϹΥΝΝΑΔΕΩΝ
Reverse design hunt scene (venatio): centre, lion chasing stag; below, bestiarius attacking boar with spear; above, usarius and performing bear.


Reference Triton 5, 15 Jan. 2002, 1741 = CNG Triton V, 15 Jan. 2002, lot 1741
Diameter 33
Weight 15.21
External URI|8|1741|c68bd9055776bf38d8fc43c0ed283678