Province Syria Phoenice
City Tyre 
Region Phoenicia
Reign Valerian and Gallienus
Obverse inscription IMP C P LIC VALERIANVS AVG
Obverse design laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Valerian, right, seen from front
Reverse inscription COL TVRO MET, ΘΗΒΕ
Reverse design Cadmus standing front head left holding spear transversely in left and patera in right; at his feet, heifer lying down right; above, towered city gate; in field right, murex shell


Reference CNG 100, 7 Oct. 2015, lot 1755
Diameter 27
Weight 13.49
Axis 7
External URI|1523|1755|eaa4d4faf203b1f4a9026c9edd6448a1