Province Asia
Subprovince Conventus of Cyzicus
City Cyzicus 
Region Mysia
Reign Gallienus (sole reign)
Obverse inscription ΑΥΤ Κ Π ΛΙΚ ΓΑΛΛΙΗΝΟϹ
Obverse design laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Gallienus holding globe and raising hand, left
Reverse inscription ϹΤΡΑ ΚΡΑ ΒΑϹΙΛΕ/ΩϹ ΚΥΖΙΚΗΝΩ / Β ΝΕΟ-ΚΟΝ (sic)
Reverse design Artemis Phosphoros advancing right holding a torch in each hand


Museum British Museum, London (UK)
Inventory no. 1844,0425.1307
Reference BMC 276
Diameter 27
Weight 11.91
Axis 1
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