Province Syria Palaestina
City Neapolis 
Region Samaria
Reign Elagabalus
Obverse inscription ΑΥΤ Κ Μ(?) ΑΝΤωΝΙΝΟϹ
Obverse design laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Elagabalus, right, seen from front
Reverse inscription ΑΥΡ ΦΛ ΝΕΑϹ Π ϹΥ ΠΑΛ
Reverse design Mount Gerizim surmounted by temple complex connected to the colonnade at the slope by stairways; to right, roadway leading to altar (letter in the exergue in either absent or illegible)


Reference CNG 510, 23 Feb. 2022, lot 625 ex Dr. J. Galst Coll. NY
Diameter 22
Weight 10.01
Axis 12