Province Syria Palaestina
City Caesarea Paneas 
Region Syria
Reign Elagabalus
Obverse inscription ΙΟΥΛΙΑ ΜΕϹΑ ΑΥΓ
Obverse design diademed and draped bust of Julia Maesa, right
Reverse inscription ΚΑΙ ΠΑΝ ΙΕΡ ΑΥϹ (sic) ϹΚΓ
Reverse design front view of shrine with two columns, within which Tyche standing facing, head left, wearing kalathos, holding cornucopia and rudder, placing foot on galley prow; to r, pedum


Museum Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Inventory no.
Reference Rosenberger 50(?) = Meshorer, Caesarea Panias 51
Diameter 28
Weight 13.22
Axis 6