Province Syria Coele
City Antioch 
Region Syria
Reign Severus Alexander
Obverse inscription ΑΥΤ ΚΑ(Ι) ΜΑΡ ΑΥ(Ρ) ϹΕ(Ο) ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟϹ ϹΕ
Obverse design radiate head of Severus Alexander, right
Reverse inscription ΑΝΤΙΟΧΕΩΝ ΜΗΤ(ΡΟ) ΚΟΛ(ΩΝ) Δ Ε S H C
Reverse design Tyche of the City seated on rock, left, holding corn ears, looking back; at her feet, river god Orontes swimming, left; to left, Tyche standing facing, head right, holding rudder and cornucopia; above, sometimes crescent; to right, the Emperor standing, left, holding parazonium and crowning the Tyche of the City


Museum American Numismatic Society, New York (USA)
Inventory no. 1944.100.66048
Reference McAlee 840b.3
Diameter 32
Weight 17.77
Axis 11
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