Province Syria Palaestina
City Raphia 
Region Judaea
Reign Marcus Aurelius
Obverse inscription ΑΥΤ ΑΝΤⲰΝΙΝΟϹ Κο[Μ]ΟΔΟϹ [Ϲ] (?)
Obverse design laureate-headed busts of Marcus Aurelius (on l.) and Commodus (on r., youthful), facing each other, both wearing cuirass and paludamentum
Reverse inscription ΡΑΦΙΑ ΖΛϹ (Ζ reversed)
Reverse design turreted Tyche standing, facing, head, l., holding infant Dionysus with grapes and cornucopia


Museum Berlin, Staatliche Museen (Germany)
Inventory no. Rauch
Reference A. v. Rauch, Mittheilungen der Numismatischen Gesellschaft in Berlin I (1846), p. 26, pl. II.22
Diameter 27
Weight 14.92
Axis 12