Province Syria
City Seleucia 
Region Syria
Reign Antoninus Pius
Obverse inscription Α[Υ]Τ ΚΑΙ Τ ΑΙ ΑΔ ΑΝΤΩΝƐΙΝΟϹ ϹƐΒ ƐΥ (Νs may be shaped as Иs)
Obverse design laureate head of Antoninus Pius (with traces of drapery), r.
Reverse inscription ΖƐΥϹ ΚƐΡΑΥ ϹƐΛƐΥΚƐΩ(Ν) ΠΙƐΡΙ(ΑϹ) and numeral letter Α or Ε (Ζ reversed)
Reverse design thunderbolt on cushion placed on stool; in upper r. field, star; (in lower r., field, second star)


Museum Berlin, Staatliche Museen (Germany)
Inventory no. 18261111, Rauch
Diameter 25
Weight 11.38
Axis 12
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