Province Asia
Subprovince Conventus of Pergamum
City Koinon of Lesbos 
Region Lesbus
Reign Commodus
Obverse inscription ΑΥΤ Κ Μ ΑΥΡΗ ΚοΜοΔοϹ
Obverse design laureate-headed bust of Commodus (short beard) wearing cuirass and paludamentum, right, seen from rear
Reverse inscription ΕΠΙ ϹΤΡΑ ϹΕΛΤΩΡΙΑΝοΥ(sic) ΚοΙΝοΝ ΛΕϹΒΙΩΝ (?)
Reverse design to left, emperor (Commodus) standing, facing, head, left, wearing military dress, holding patera over lighted altar and spear; to right, female personification of Lesbos standing, left, crowning emperor, holding long sceptre


Museum British Museum, London (UK)
Inventory no. 1906-11-3-2631
Diameter 35
Weight 18.34
Axis 6
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