Province Uncertain
City Uncertain 
Region Uncertain
Reign Augustus
Obverse inscription
Obverse design bare head, right
Reverse inscription Q
Reverse design fiscus, sella quaestor and hasta

Coin no. 16 of RPC I, 5410


Reference CNG 51, 15 Sept. 1999, lot 959 = Freeman & Sear MBS 17, 15 Dec. 2009, lot 163
Diameter 19.4
Weight 8.18
Note In the CNG sale, it was suggested that this and RPC I, 4082-3 portray Sosius, quaestor in 39BC, because of the similarity of the countermark to GIC 434. But the likely attribution of the Q coins to northern Turkey makes this difficult, and the countemrarks seem different.
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Addition Additional coin (post publication)