Province Asia
Subprovince Conventus of Sardis
City Philadelphia 
Region Lydia
Reign Vespasian
Obverse inscription ΔΟΜΙΤΙ(ΑΝ) ΚΑΙϹ(ΑΡ)
Obverse design draped and cuirassed bust (bare-headed) of Domitian, r.
Reverse inscription ΦΛΑ(ΒΙ) ΦΙΛΑΔΕΛΦΕΩΝ
Reverse design Apollo standing, r., holding plectrum and lyre

Coin no. 5 of RPC II, 1331


Reference CNG EA 128, 7 Dec. 2005, lot 140
Diameter 15
Weight 3.26
External URI|477|140|c26c8e66abc65f394559a9fe74f8cc54 
Correction Corrected coin (post publication)
Addition Additional coin (post publication)