Province Asia
City Cistophoric mint 
Region Uncertain
Reign Domitian
Obverse inscription IMP CAES DOMITIANVS
Obverse design laureate head of Domitian, right
Reverse inscription ROM ET AVG
Reverse design temple with two columns, inscribed ROM ET AVG, enclosing male figure (Augustus) in military dress and holding spear, crowned by female figure (Roma) holding cornucopia; (in exergue, sometimes G)

Coin no. 5 of RPC II, 875


Reference CNG MBS 57, 4 Apr. 2001, lot 1175
Diameter 25
Weight 10.57
Note with G
External URI|6|1175|ead81fe8cfe9fda9e4c2093e17e4d024 
Addition Additional coin (post publication)