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I 2455
Caligula Caligula (Augustus)
Brass (19 mm) 4.99 g.
ΓΑΙΟΝ ΚΑΙϹΑΡΑ ϹƐΒΑϹΤΟΝ; radiate head of Caligula, r.
ΜΑΓΝΗΤΩΝ ΑΠΟ ϹΙΠΥΛΟΥ, ΓΕΡΜ ΑΓΡΙΠ (in field); Agrippina and Germanicus: Germanicus stands facing, wearing a toga capite velato and holding a patera; behind him stands Agrippina as Demeter, holding out ears of corn and a sceptre
BMC 51, Cop 257 5
I 2471
Smyrna  Ionia Asia (conventus of Smyrna)
Brass (22 mm) 5.58 g. c.AD 37/8
ΓΑΙΟΝ ΚΑΙϹΑΡΑ ΓƐΡΜΑΝΙΚΟΝ ƐΠΙ ΑΟΥΙΟΛΑ; laureate head of Caligula, r.
ΓƐΡΜΑΝΙΚΟΝ ΑΓΡΙΠΠƐΙΝΑΝ ΖΜΥΡΝΑΙΩΝ ΜΗΝΟΦΑΝΗϹ; draped bust of Agrippina I, r., facing bare head of Germanicus, l.
Klose XXIX 50
I 4976
Caligula Caligula (Augustus)
Caesarea Paneas  Syria Judaea
Æ (22 mm) 11.55 g. Year 5 (AD 40/1)
ΓΑΙΩ ΚΑΙΣΑΡΙ ΣΕΒΑΣΤΩ ΓΕΡΜΑΝΙΚ[Ω; laureate head of Caligula, l.
ΝΟΜΙΣ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΓΡΙΠΠΑ, LΕ (below); Germanicus in triumphal chariot, r.
Meshorer 2, Burnett 4 9
I 5452
Tiberius Drusus (Caesar)
Panormus  Sicily Sicily
Æ (14 mm) 3.59 g.
DRV; bare head, r.
GER; bare head, r.
I 5486
Caligula Caligula (Augustus)
Uncertain  Uncertain Uncertain
Æ (21 mm) 7.90 g.
Γ ΚΑΙΣΑΡ [ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ]; laureate head of Caligula, l.
ΚΑΙΣΑΡ ΓΕΡΜΑΝΙΚΟΣ; head of Germanicus, l.