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I 810A
Thaena  Africa Africa Proconsularis
Æ (38 mm) 32.28 g. Augustus or Tiberius (AD 13/17)
[𐤕𐤏𐤉𐤍‬𐤕]; head of Sarapis, right
bare head, right
I 1873
Uncertain Augustus
Stater Year ΘϘΣ = 299 (AD 2)
bare head of Augustus, left
ΜΔ ΘϘΣ; male head, right
N.A. Frolova, Vestnik Drevnei Istorii I (Moscow, 1979), pp. 139–47, MacDonald 258 1
I 2783
Mylasa  Caria Asia (conventus of Alabanda)
Hemidrachm 1.41 g. Uncertain emperor(s)
bare head of uncertain emperor, right
I 2816
Uncertain Uncertain
Alabanda  Caria Asia (conventus of Alabanda)
Brass (19 mm) 4.05 g.
ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΙ; laureate male head, right, facing female head, left
ΑΛΑΒΑΝΔΕ[ΩΝ]; two small (?laureate) jugate heads, surmounted by stars, right, facing laureate head, left
BMC 28 4
I 3229
Augustus Augustus
Midaeum  Phrygia Asia (conventus of Synnada)
Æ (18 mm) 4.80 g.
ϹΕΒΑϹΤΟϹ; bare head of Augustus, right; before, lituus
ΜΙΔΑΕΩΝ; bare head of Gaius Caesar or Tiberius ?, right
vA Phryg. II, 719–22 10
I 5430A
Augustus Uncertain
Uncertain  Uncertain Uncertain
Æ (14 mm) 2.42 g.
bare head, right
[ ]; bare head, right
I 5491
Uncertain Uncertain
Uncertain  Uncertain Uncertain
Æ (11 mm) 1.78 g.
bare head, left
female head, left (uncertain letters before)
II 275
Domitian Domitian (Augustus)
Magnesia  Thessaly Achaea
Leaded bronze (23 mm) 9.85 g.
ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑΝΟϹ ΚΑΙϹΑΡ ΜΑΓΝΗΤωΝ; laureate head of Domitian, right
ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑΝΟϹ ΚΑΙϹΑΡ ΜΑΓΝΗΤ; laureate head of ?, right
Rogers 364 4
IV.2 11349 (temporary)
Germe  Mysia Asia (conventus of Pergamum)
Æ (29 mm) 16.60 g. 138–161
[ΑΥΤ?] ΚΑΙ Τ Α ΑΝΤΩΝ[; laureate-headed bust of Antoninus Pius wearing cuirass(?) and paludamentum, right, seen from centre
]? ΓΕΡΜΗΝΩΝ; Dionysus (youthful) standing, left, holding cantharus over panther and long thyrsus
Ehling 88 1