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III 4544.2
Trajan Trajan (Augustus)
Alexandria  Egypt Egypt
Æ (33 mm) 26.12 g. L IΔ = year 14 (AD 110/11)
ΑΥΤ ΤΡΑΙΑΝ ϹΕΒ ΓΕΡΜ ΔΑΚΙΚ; laureate bust of Trajan, right, nude and with aegis on left shoulder
L ΙΔ; temple (Egyptian) with pylons enclosing statue of Isis, holding sceptre
IV.4 173
Alexandria  Egypt Egypt
Tetradrachm 12.85 g. Year Γ = 3 (AD 139/40)
ΑΥΤ Κ Τ ΑΙΛ ΑΔΡ ΑΝΤωΝΙΝΟϹ; bare head of Antoninus Pius, right
L ΤΡΙΤΟΥ; Eirene standing, left, holding two ears of corn, (two poppies(?),) and caduceus
D 2216, Geissen 1320, M 1637 19