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II 2313
Vespasian Titus (Caesar)
Caesarea Maritima  Samaria Judaea
Bronze (25 mm) 12.29 g. The Judaea Capta coinage of Vespasian and Titus
ΑΥΤΟΚΡ ΤΙΤΟΣ ΚΑΙΣΑΡ; laureate head of Titus, right
ΙΟΥΔΑΙΑΣ ΕΑΛΩΚΥΙΑΣ; trophy; at foot left, a crouching captive with arms tied behind; on right, a pelta-shaped shield
Barag type IV, Meshorer 5, Meshorer, A Treasury of Jewish Coins, Jerusalem/NY 2001, Nr. 384a 56
II 2813
Vespasian Titus (Caesar)
Uncertain  Uncertain Uncertain
Æ (17 mm) 4.13 g.
ΤΙΤΤω ΚΑΙΣΑΡΙ; laureate head of Titus, left
ΔΟΜΕΤΤΙΑΝω ΚΑΙΣΑΡΙ; laureate head of Domitian, right
II 2820
Uncertain  Uncertain Uncertain
Æ (29 mm)
T ET DOMITIANVS CAESARES; jugate draped busts of Titus and Domitian left
SENATVS; Senate seated left, with branch and sceptre?