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I 3543
Iconium  Lycaonia Galatia
Æ (17 mm) 3.42 g.
ΑΝΝΙΟϹ ΑΦΡΕΙΝΟϹ; bare head of Annius Afrinus, right
ΚΛΑΥΔ(Ε)ΙΚΟΝ(Ι)ΕΩΝ; Perseus standing, left, with harpa and head of Medusa
vA Lyk., 245–9 11
I 3557
Pessinus  Galatia Galatia
Æ (17 mm) 3.07 g. AD 49/54
ΑΝΝΙΟϹ ΑΦΡΙΝΟϹ; bare head of Afrinus, right
ΠΕϹϹΙΝΟΥΝΤΙΩΝ; bust of Mên, right
Devreker 175, no. 14 4