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I 2777B
Uncertain Livia (Diva) Aristeas; Chidron
Drachm 1.25 g. Augustus or Tiberius (?)
[ΘΕΑ]? ΛΙΒΙΑ; draped bust of Livia, right
ΔΙΟΝΥ[ ] ϹΤΡ; Hecate standing right, holding patera and torch in shallow incuse square
I 5488
Uncertain  Uncertain Uncertain
Æ (23 mm) 9.64 g.
laureate head of Augustus (?), right
ΚΑΙ ΤΙΒΕΡΙΟΣ Κ[ ]; Armenian tiara with five peaks
Kovacs 189 9
III 3318
Trajan Livia (Diva)
Augusta  Cilicia (Cilicia Pedias) Cilicia
Æ (18 mm) 4.16 g. Year 87 (ΖΠ) (AD 106/7)
draped bust of Livia, right
ΑΥΓΟΥΣΤΑΝΩΝ ΕΤΟΥΣ ΖΠ; bust of Athena, right with Corinthian helmet and aegis
Karbach 56–57 4