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II 1056
Æ (24 mm) 9.90 g.
ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑΝΟϹ ΚΑΙϹΑΡ; laureate head of Domitian, right
ΓΡΑ ΤΕΙΜΟΚΛΗϹ ΚΙΛΒΙΑΝΩΝ ΠΕΡ ΝΕΙΚΗΑΝ; Nike advancing, left, with wreath and palm
BMC 6 6
II 1057
Domitian Timokles (grammateus)
Æ (24 mm) 7.37 g.
ΚΙΛΒΙΑ(ΝΩΝ ΝΕΙΚΑΗΝΗ); bust of Kilbia (or Neikaene), right, with small lion head before
ΓΡΑΜΜΑΤΕΥϹ ΤΕΙΜΟΚΛΗϹ; Zeus seated, left, with patera and sceptre
II 1058
Domitian Timokles (grammateus)
Æ (19 mm) 5.99 g.
ΔΗΜ[ΟϹ] ΚΙΛΒΙΑΝΩΝ; bearded bust (of Demos?), right
[ ]ΓΡΑΜ ΤΕΙΜΟΚΛΗ[Ϲ]; figure (Eirene?) standing, left, leaning on column, holding branch
BMC 2 2