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III 1624
Æ (28 mm) 16.14 g.
ΑΥ ΚΑΙ ΤΡΑΙΑΝΟϹ ΑΔΡΙΑΝΟϹ ΑΥΓΟ; laureate head of Hadrian, right
ΕΠΙ ϹΤ Μ ΝΕΡ ΛΟΝΓΙΝΟΥ ΑΔΡΙΑΝΟΘΗΡΙΤΩΝ; Hadrian on horseback galloping right, brandishing spear at bear, right
von Fritze —, SNG vA 7245 2
III 1625
Æ (14 mm) 2.37 g.
ΑΔΡΙΑΝΟΘΗΡΙΤΩΝ; head of she bear, left
ΕΠΙ ϹΤΡ Μ ΝΕΡ ΛΟΝΓΙΝΟΥ; Telesphorus standing facing
von Fritze 558, SNG France 1088 4