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IV.2 2396 (temporary)
Phocaea  Ionia Asia (conventus of Smyrna)
Æ (27 mm) 9.49 g. c. 188–190
ΙƐΡΑ ϹVΝΚΛΗΤoc; draped bust of the Senate (youthful), r.
ƐΠΙ ϹΤΡΑ ΜΟϹΧΑ Β ΦΩΚΑΙƐΩ(Ν); Homonoia standing, l., wearing kalathos, holding patera and cornucopia
Tanriöver P16-17 3
IV.2 1091 (temporary)
Phocaea  Ionia Asia (conventus of Smyrna) Lampsacus
Æ (29 mm) 12.62 g. c. 188–190
ΑΥΤο Κ Μ ΑΥΡ ΚοΜοΔοϹ; laureate-headed bust of Commodus (long and square beard) wearing cuirass and paludamentum, r., seen from rear
ƐΠΙ ϹΤΡΑ ΜΟϹϹΧΑ(sic) Β ΝƐ ΟΜΟΝΟΙ ΦΩΚΑΙƐΩΝ ΛΑΜΨΑ; to l., turreted Tyche of Phocaea standing, r., holding long sceptre; to r., Athena standing, l., resting arm on shield, beside, spear; both clasping hands
Tanriöver H1 corr., Franke & Nollé 1791-2, BMC 163 3