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I 1831B
Claudius Claudius (Augustus) Herodes
Tomis  Moesia Moesia
Æ (19 mm) 3.09 g.
ΤΙΒΕΡΙΟΥ Κ (?) [ ]; laureate head of Claudius, right
ΤΟΜΙΤΩΝ ΗΡΩΔΟΥ; Nike standing on globe, left, holding wreath and palm
I 1834
Claudius Britannicus (Caesar) Herodes
Tomis  Moesia Moesia
Æ (18 mm) 2.44 g.
ΒΡΙΤΑΝΝΙΚΟΥ; laureate head of Britannicus, right
ΤΟΜΙ, ΗΡΩ[; three ears of corn between caps of Dioscuri
AMNG 2585, Mouchmov 1707 10