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I 2461
Mostene  Lydia Asia (conventus of Smyrna)
Leaded bronze (20 mm) 5.15 g. AD 50/4
ΤΙ ΚΛΑΥΔΙΟΝ ΚΑΙϹΑΡΑ ΘƐΑΝ ΑΓΡΙΠΠΙΝΑΝ; laureate head of Claudius and draped bust of Agrippina II, jugate, r.
ƐΠΙ ΠƐΔΑΝΙΟΥ ΚΑΙϹΑΡƐWΝ ΜΟϹΤΗΝWΝ; hero on horseback, r., with double axe
BMC 7, Cop 285 19
I 2462
Claudius Nero (Caesar) Pedianus (without title)
Mostene  Lydia Asia (conventus of Smyrna)
Æ (17 mm) 3.01 g. AD 50/4
ΝƐΟΝ ΚΑΙϹΑΡΑ; bare-headed and draped bust of Nero, r.
ƐΠΙ ΠƐΔΑΝΙΟΥ ΜΟϹΤΗΝWΝ; goddess seated, l., holding two ears of corn and double axe
LS 101, no. 4a 9