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I 2908
Æ (19 mm) 5.45 g.
ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ; bare head of Tiberius, right
ΛΑΟΔΙΚΕΩΝ ΠΥΘΗΣ ΠΥΘΟΥ ΤΟ ΔΕΥΤΕΡΟΝ; Zeus Laodiceus standing, left, with eagle and staff; to left, two pilei with star
BMC 140, Cop 551, AMC 1404 18
I 2909
Æ (14 mm) 2.90 g.
ΛΑΟΔΙΚΕΩΝ; laureate bust of Apollo with lyre, right
ΠΥΘΗΣ ΠΥΘΟΥ ΔΙΣ; cista mystica with serpent emerging right and surmounted by headdress of Isis
BMC 62 11
I 2910
Æ (14 mm) 3.70 g.
wolf (?) seated, left, with double axe, in wreath
ΠΥΘ Β ΛΑΟΔΙΚΕΩΝ; Aphrodite standing, left, with dove
BMC 59, AMC 1393, Cop 512 16