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I 2849
Leaded bronze (18 mm) 4.19 g.
ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ; laureate head of Augustus, r.; to r., lituus
ΤΡΑΠΕΖΟΠΟΛΕΙΤΩΝ ΑΠΟΛΛΟΔΟΤΟΣ; monogram including ΝΕΩ?; Apollo standing, l., with laurel branch; to l., monogram including Χ and uncertain letters (?)
BMC 8, AMC 1343 9
I 2850
Æ (15 mm) 2.79 g.
ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ; capricorn, l., head r., holding globe and cornucopia
ΑΠΟΛΛΟΔΟΤΟΣ ΛΥΚΩΤΟΥ, ΤΡΑΠ; quiver with bow and arow