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I 2975
Nero Nero (Augustus) Tiberius Dionysios
Æ (18 mm) 6.24 g.
ΝΕΡΩΝ ΚΑΙΣΑΡ; bare-headed draped and cuirassed bust of Nero, right, seen from front
ΤΙ ΔΙΟΝΥΣΙΟΣ ΙΕΡΑΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ; Apollo on horseback, right, with double axe
BMC 119 13
I 2975A
Nero Agrippina II Tiberius Dionysios
Æ (15 mm) 4.44 g.
ΑΓΡΙΠΕΙΝΑ ΣΕΒΑΣΤΗ; draped bust of Agrippina II, right
ΤΙ ΔΙΟΝΥΣΙΟΣ ΙΕΡΑΠΟΛΕΙΤΩΝ; tripod, surmounted by coiled serpent