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IV.2 2616 (temporary)
Myrina  Aeolis Asia (conventus of Smyrna)
Æ (35 mm) 24.44 g. c. 180–182
] ΑΥΡΗΛΙΟϹ ΚΟ[ΜΟΔΟϹ?] (Αs with curved crossbar); laureate-headed bust of Commodus (short beard) wearing cuirass and paludamentum, r., seen from front
ƐΠΙ ϹΤΡ ΑΡΦΟΚΡΑ ΜΥΡΙΝΑΙⲰΝ (Αs with curved crossbar); Apollo of Grynium standing, facing, head. l., holding patera over thymiaterium and filleted laurel-branch
IV.2 3943 (temporary)
Myrina  Aeolis Asia (conventus of Smyrna)
Æ (28 mm) 12.86 g. c. 180–182
ΚΡΙϹΠΙΝΑ ϹƐΒΑϹΤΗ (Αs with curved crossbar, Ν might be shaped as И); draped bust of Crispina, r.
ƐΠΙ ϹΤΡ ΑΡΦΟΚΡΑ ΜΥΡΙΝΑΙƱΝ (Αs with curved crossbar); turreted Amazon Myrina seated on cuirass and shield, l., holding patera, sword and spear