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IV.2 1004 (temporary)
Teos  Ionia Asia (conventus of Smyrna)
Æ (31 mm) 18.33 g. c. 147-152
ΑVΤΟΚ ΑΝΤΩΝƐΙΝοϹ; laureate-headed bust of Antoninus Pius wearing aegis, r., seen from front
ϹΤΡ ΑϹΚΛΗΠΙΑΔΟV ΤΗΙΩΝ; Dionysus standing, facing, head, l., holding cantharus over panther and thyrsus, resting l. arm on column
GRMK 78, no. 8 2
IV.2 1005 (temporary)
Teos  Ionia Asia (conventus of Smyrna)
Æ (29 mm) 13.48 g. c. 147-152
ΑVΡΗ ΟVΗΡΟϹ ΚΑΙϹΑΡ; bare head of Marcus Aurelius (short beard), r.
ϹΤΡ ΑϹΚΛΗΠΙΑΔΟV ΤΗΙΩΝ; nude Dioscuri standing, facing, heads turned towards each other, each wearing cap and holding chlamys and spear; between heads of Dioscuri, star
GRMK 79, no. 9 2
IV.2 2780 (temporary)
Teos  Ionia Asia (conventus of Smyrna)
Æ (25 mm) 11.94 g. c. 147-152
ΤƐΩϹ; turreted and draped bust of Dionysus (youthful) as the Tyche of Teos, r.; to l., thyrsus
ϹΤΡ ΑϹΚΛΗΠΙΑΔοV; Anakreon seated, r., playing lyre
IV.2 2770 (temporary)
Teos  Ionia Asia (conventus of Smyrna)
Æ (22 mm) 6.36 g. c. 147-152
Φ[ΑVϹΤƐΙΝΑΝ?] ϹƐΒΑϹΤΗΝ; draped bust of Faustina II, r.
ϹΤΡ ΑϹΚΛΗΠΙΑΔΟV ΤΗΙΩΝ; cult statue of Artemis of Ephesus standing, facing, wearing kalathos, having supports; between two stags