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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
I 1118
Achaea Corinth CORINT, (countermark) A (on the neck) laureate head of Jupiter, right IIVIR INST L CAS Athena-Pallas advancing, right holding thunderbolt and shield
I 1119
Achaea Corinth CORINT, Q (in field r.), S (countermark, in field, l.) Victory advancing, right, holding palm in left hand INST L CAS IIVIR chimera, left
I 1120
Achaea Corinth INTS CAS II VIR in wreath CORINT dolphin, left, behind, trident, countermark "three dots in the circle" ?
I 1121
Achaea Corinth INTS CAS II VIR trident CORINT, Q (beneath) Pegasus flying, left