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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
III 3975
Judaea Ascalon Trajan ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ laureate head of Trajan, r. ΑΣΚΑΛΩ Tyche-Astarte standing, l., on prow with standard and aphlaston; in l. field, incense altar; in r. field, dove standing l.; to r., IC
III 3976
Judaea Ascalon Trajan ΣΕΒΑ(ΣΤ)(ΟΣ) laureate head of Trajan, r. ΑΣ(Κ)(Α)(ΛΩ) war-god Phanebal, standing l., holding harpa (?) in r. hand and small round shield and long palm branch in l. hand; IC
III 3977
Judaea Ascalon ΑϹΚ(ΑΛ) draped bust of Tyche, r., wearing turreted crown and veil ΙϹ (above) war galley, r., with oars