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III 2904
Trajan Trajan (Augustus)
Æ (19 mm) 3.80 g.
ΑΥΤ ΝΕΡ ΤΡΑΙΑΝΟΣ ΚΑΙΣ Γ; laureate head of Trajan, right
ΚΟΙΝΟΝ ΓΑΛΑΤΩΝ; Tyche standing left, holding rudder in her right hand, cornucopia in left
Stumpf — 2
IV.3 4126 (temporary)
Koinon of Galatia  Galatia Galatia
Æ 8.82 g. Marcus and Verus, co-emperors (161–169)
Α Κ Λ οΥ ϹΕΒΑϹΤοϹ (Αs shaped as Λs); bare head of Lucius Verus, left
ΘΕΑ ΚΕΡΕΙΑ (Αs shaped as Λs); turreted and veiled female figure (Cybele?) standing, left, holding patera and uncertain short object; between two plant-like structures
Devreker Addendum, 192, no. 16 2