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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
III 2904
Galatia-Cappadocia Koinon of Galatia Trajan ΑΥΤ ΝΕΡ ΤΡΑΙΑΝΟΣ ΚΑΙΣ Γ laureate head of Trajan, r. ΚΟΙΝΟΝ ΓΑΛΑΤΩΝ Tyche standing l., holding rudder in her r. hand, cornucopia in l.
IV.3 4126 (temporary)
Galatia Koinon of Galatia Lucius Verus Α Κ Λ οΥ ϹƐΒΑϹΤοϹ (Αs shaped as Λs) bare head of Lucius Verus, l. ΘƐΑ ΚƐΡƐΙΑ (Αs shaped as Λs) turreted and veiled female figure (Cybele?) standing, l., holding patera and uncertain short object; between two plant-like structures