Cities for this province (all time-periods)

City Number of coin types More
Abdera (region: Thrace) 23 Show
Aenus (region: Thrace) 8 Show
Anchialus (region: Thrace) 276 Show
Apollonia Pontica (region: Thrace) 13 Show
Augusta Traiana (region: Thrace) 66 Show
Bizya (region: Thrace) 133 Show
Byzantium (region: Thrace) 230 Show
Calchedon (region: Bithynia) 72 Show
Coela (region: Thrace) 101 Show
Deultum (region: Thrace) 591 Show
Elaeus (region: Thrace) 6 Show
Flavian Latin mint in Thrace (region: Thrace) 51 Show
Hadrianopolis (region: Thrace) 306 Show
Hephaestia in Lemnos (region: Thrace) 2 Show
Imbrus (region: Thrace) 5 Show
Maronea (region: Thrace) 20 Show
Mesambria (region: Thrace) 95 Show
Nicopolis ad Mestum (region: Thrace) 1 Show
Pautalia (region: Thrace) 259 Show
Perinthus (region: Thrace) 370 Show
Philippopolis (region: Thrace) 471 Show
Plotinopolis (region: Thrace) 35 Show
Serdica (region: Thrace) 30 Show
Sestus (region: Thrace) 26 Show
Thasos (region: Thrace) 2 Show
Topirus (region: Thrace) 10 Show
Traianopolis (region: Thrace) 13 Show
Uncertain mint of Thrace (region: Thrace) 27 Show