Cities for this province (all time-periods)

City Number of coin types More
Amphipolis (region: Macedonia) 131 Show
Apollonia (region: Illyricum) 29 Show
Beroea (region: Macedonia) 17 Show
Cassandrea (region: Macedonia) 77 Show
Dium (region: Macedonia) 88 Show
Edessa (region: Macedonia) 60 Show
Heraclea Sintica (region: Macedonia) 4 Show
Koinon of Macedonia (region: Macedonia) 641 Show
Koinon of Thessaly (region: Thessaly) 85 Show
Magnetes (region: Thessaly) 39 Show
Pella (region: Macedonia) 139 Show
Philippi (region: Macedonia) 31 Show
Stobi (region: Macedonia) 47 Show
Thessalonica (region: Macedonia) 488 Show
Uncertain (Philippi?) (region: Macedonia) 6 Show
Uncertain mint of Macedonia (region: Macedonia) 19 Show