Cities for this province (all time-periods)

City Number of coin types More
Amasea (region: Pontus) 101 Show
Amblada (region: Pisidia) 13 Show
Amisus (region: Pontus) 164 Show
Ancyra (region: Galatia) 82 Show
Antioch (region: Pisidia) 269 Show
Apollonia Mordiaeum (region: Pisidia) 46 Show
Ariassus (region: Pisidia) 25 Show
Cerasus (region: Pontus) 33 Show
Cremna (region: Pisidia) 80 Show
Gangra-Germanicopolis (region: Paphlagonia) 2 Show
Germa (region: Galatia) 15 Show
Iconium (region: Lycaonia) 42 Show
Ionopolis Abonoteichos (region: Paphlagonia) 32 Show
Isinda (region: Pisidia) 67 Show
Kingdom of Galatia (region: Galatia) 7 Show
Kingdom of Paphlagonia (region: Paphlagonia) 2 Show
Koinon of Galatia (region: Galatia) 102 Show
Lystra (region: Lycaonia) 17 Show
Neocaesarea (region: Pontus) 124 Show
Neoclaudiopolis (region: Paphlagonia) 15 Show
Pappa Tiberia (region: Pisidia) 3 Show
Pessinus (region: Galatia) 82 Show
Pompeiopolis (region: Paphlagonia) 11 Show
Sagalassus (region: Pisidia) 135 Show
Savatra (region: Lycaonia) 7 Show
Sinope (region: Paphlagonia) 155 Show
Tavium (region: Galatia) 10 Show
Termessus Major (region: Pisidia) 35 Show
Trapezus (region: Pontus) 90 Show
Uncertain mint of Lycaonia (region: Lycaonia) 5 Show
Uncertain mint of Pisidian(?) colony (region: Pisidia) 2 Show