Syria Coele 

Cities for this province (all time-periods)

City Number of coin types More
Antioch (region: Syria) 1409 Show
Claudia Leucas (region: Syria) 28 Show
Cyrrhus (region: Syria) 48 Show
Gabala (region: Syria) 19 Show
Hierapolis (region: Syria) 74 Show
Laodicea ad Libanum (region: Syria) 2 Show
Laodicea ad Mare (region: Syria) 239 Show
Nicopolis Seleucidis (region: Syria) 13 Show
Paltus (region: Syria) 17 Show
Raphanea (region: Phoenicia) 12 Show
Samosata (region: Commagene) 66 Show
Seleucia (region: Syria) 70 Show
Uncertain mint of the Syrian Tetradrachms (region: Syria) 26 Show
Uncertain mint of the Δ Ɛ series (region: Syria) 5 Show
Zeugma (region: Commagene) 45 Show