Cities for this province (all time-periods)

City Number of coin types More
Acalissus (region: Lycia) 10 Show
Adada (region: Pisidia) 27 Show
Amblada (region: Pisidia) 13 Show
Andeda (region: Pisidia) 19 Show
Antiphellus (region: Lycia) 1 Show
Aperlae (region: Lycia) 6 Show
Apollonia Mordiaeum (region: Pisidia) 51 Show
Ariassus (region: Pisidia) 32 Show
Arneae (region: Lycia) 6 Show
Arycanda (region: Lycia) 24 Show
Aspendus (region: Pamphylia) 294 Show
Attalea (region: Pamphylia) 121 Show
Balbura (region: Lycia) 4 Show
Baris (region: Pisidia) 63 Show
Bubon (region: Lycia) 1 Show
Candyba (region: Lycia) 5 Show
Carallia (region: Cilicia) 71 Show
Casae (region: Cilicia) 50 Show
Choma (region: Lycia) 4 Show
Claudioseleucia (region: Pisidia) 77 Show
Codrula (region: Pisidia) 42 Show
Colbasa (region: Pisidia) 11 Show
Colybrassus (region: Cilicia) 103 Show
Comama (region: Pisidia) 20 Show
Conana (region: Pisidia) 24 Show
Coracesium (region: Cilicia) 47 Show
Corydalla (region: Lycia) 13 Show
Cremna (region: Pisidia) 107 Show
Cyaneae (region: Lycia) 11 Show
Etenna (region: Pisidia) 122 Show
Gagae (region: Lycia) 8 Show
Isinda (region: Pisidia) 79 Show
Koinon of Lycia (region: Lycia) 118 Show
Laerte (region: Cilicia) 62 Show
Limyra (region: Lycia) 19 Show
Lyrbe (region: Cilicia) 100 Show
Magydus (region: Pamphylia) 88 Show
Myra (region: Lycia) 26 Show
Olbasa (region: Pisidia) 26 Show
Olympus (region: Lycia) 5 Show
Palaeopolis (region: Pisidia) 17 Show
Panemoteichus (region: Pisidia) 13 Show
Parlais (region: Pisidia) 8 Show
Patara (region: Lycia) 28 Show
Pednelissus (region: Pisidia) 35 Show
Perge (region: Pamphylia) 563 Show
Phaselis (region: Lycia) 11 Show
Phellus (region: Lycia) 4 Show
Podalia (region: Lycia) 4 Show
Pogla (region: Pisidia) 19 Show
Prostanna (region: Pisidia) 42 Show
Rhodiapolis (region: Lycia) 12 Show
Sagalassus (region: Pisidia) 227 Show
Selge (region: Pisidia) 135 Show
Sibidunda (region: Pisidia) 16 Show
Side (region: Pamphylia) 549 Show
Sillyum (region: Pamphylia) 140 Show
Syedra (region: Cilicia) 154 Show
Termessus by Oenoanda (region: Lycia) 4 Show
Termessus Major (region: Pisidia) 102 Show
Timbriada (region: Pisidia) 8 Show
Tityassus (region: Pisidia) 17 Show
Tlos (region: Lycia) 6 Show
Trebenna (region: Lycia) 7 Show
Verbe (region: Pisidia) 15 Show