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Cotys II Cotys II (king)
Kingdom of the Bosporus  Bosporus Northern Black Sea
Æ (22 mm); 6.78 g (24)
ΤΕΙΜΑΙ ΒΑϹΙΛΕⲰϹ ΚΟΤΥΟϹ; curule chair upon which wreath; sceptre with emperor’s head at r.
ΤΟΥ ΑϹΠΟΥΡΓΟΥ, Κ-Δ; shield with spear in centre; human head and sword in scabbard, r.; horse’s head and helmet, l.
See Frolova Coinage, pp. 142–143 and pl. XVIII, 12–30; Frolova Monetnoe pp. 274–5 and pl. LV, 21–23, LVI, 1–15