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Roman Republic Agrippa ; Augustus
Arausio  Gaul Gallia Narbonensis
Bronze (28 mm); 17.44 g (49)
IMP DIΥI F; bare heads of Augustus, right, and Agrippa, left
prow with superstructure, right; on the prow, 'eye'; above, medallion enclosing a ram's head?
Saint-Omer: Saint-Omer  55

Claudius Claudius (Augustus)
Koinon of Cyprus  Cyprus Cyprus
Æ (29 mm); 14.37 g (17)
TI CLAΥDIΥS CAESAR AΥG P M TR P; laureate head of Claudius, left
ΚΟΙΝΟΝ ΚΥΠΡΙωΝ; inscription in a laurel wreath
Saint-Omer: Saint-Omer  169
14.46   12