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Augustus Augustus
Uncertain (Philippi?)  Macedonia Macedonia
Æ (17 mm); 4.53 g (115)
AΥG; bare head of Augustus, right
two priests ploughing, right
Amasra: Amasra museum, Turkey  
A.T. Tek and M. Arslan, M. Arslan, and S. Ireland and S. Atessogullari, in ed R. Ashton, Studies in Ancient Coinage from Turkey, London, 1996, p. 121 no. 26 

Augustus Augustus
Uncertain  Uncertain Uncertain
Bronze (26 mm); 18.82 g (33)
bare head, right
Q; fiscus, sella quaestor and hasta
Amasra: Amasra museum, Turkey  
S. Ireland - S. Atessogullari, in R. Ashton (ed.), Studies in Ancient Coinage from Turkey (London, 1996), p. 123, n0. 113.