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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
II 2814ΑΑ
Uncertain Uncertain Domitian ΔΟΜΕ[ ] ΚΑΙΣΑΡ laureate head of Domitian, right pegasus, right
II 2815
Uncertain Uncertain Domitian ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑΝΟΣ Κ Σ laureate head of Domitian, right ΜΙ poppy and two crossed corn-ears
II 2816
Uncertain Uncertain Domitian ΑΥ ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑΝΟΣ Κ Σ laureate head of Domitian, right ΜΙ bust of Mên, left, on crescent; below, star
II 2817
Cilicia Corycus Domitian ; Domitia [ ]ΚΡΑ (below) ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑΝΟϹ (above) laureate head of Domitian, right, facing had of Domitia, left ΚΟΡΥΚΙ/ΩΤΩΝ (in l. field) ΟΡΟΝΤΟΥ (in r. field) Athena wearing helmet and chition advancing right, head left, extending her right arm and holding shield on left
II 2818
Uncertain Uncertain Uncertain ΣΕΒΑΣ ΚΑΙΣΑΡ laureate head, right [ ]ΔΑ-ΝΕ[]Ν Athena standing facing with spear and shield on basis
II 2819
Uncertain Uncertain Domitian ΑΥΤ ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑΝΟΣ ΚΑΙ ΣΕΒ ΓΕΡ laureate head of Domitian, right ΝΕΙΚΗ ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑΝΟΥ ΣΕΒ Nike walking right, holding wreath in right hand and trophy on left shoulder
II 2820
Uncertain Uncertain Titus ; Domitian T ET DOMITIANVS CAESARES jugate draped busts of Titus and Domitian left SENATVS Senate seated left, with branch and sceptre?
II 2821
Uncertain Uncertain Domitia ΔΟ[Μ]ΕΤΙΑ [ϹΕΒΑϹ]ΤΗ draped bust of Domitia, right ΕΠΙ ΤΙ Ϲ[ ]Υ ΑΜ[ ] ΤΟ Γ Dionysus standing facing, head left, draped legs, holding cantharus and resting on long thyrsus; to left, panther